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Monday, January 18, 2010

Dear Verizon,

Dear Verizon,
Several years ago I decided not to do business with you ever again. Even cancelling after my contract was a joke since you made me pay for the “Full” month after I had cancelled since Verizon is on a pay in advance program and could not reverse the charges. I thanked the girl ending my service because she gave me one more reason to be happy that I was cancelling (as if I needed one more). Now over a year ago I was a victim of the economy and laid off. I have been looking for work as required by unemployment. I have received collection calls from your company in the past and they have been kind to my situation. Today a person from Nelson Watson and Associates called me at about 3:20 and tried to collect on this bill. I am still unemployed. Here are the basics of the phone call that I posted on my Facebook page to all 720 of my friends: Just got a collection call from Verizon Wireless. The guy asked how long I have been unemployed and I said a year. He told me I could have found a job in a year if I was "really looking". I said you know what? You are a DICK and hung up.

So far I have gotten a huge amount of support from my friends- which made me feel better after your employee insulted me during one of the hardest times of my career-I have NEVER been unemployed before. Maybe, I should apply at Verizon since you will hire any piece of shit out there! Nah, you guys are the bottom of the barrel obviously! I hope your cell phone services go the bankrupt way of your Yellow Pages.
This letter is now a part of my blog too…more people need to know that you will use ANY technique to collect money. Should I keep an eye out for Vinnie, Louie and Guido as well?


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