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Monday, January 18, 2010

Dear Verizon,

Dear Verizon,
Several years ago I decided not to do business with you ever again. Even cancelling after my contract was a joke since you made me pay for the “Full” month after I had cancelled since Verizon is on a pay in advance program and could not reverse the charges. I thanked the girl ending my service because she gave me one more reason to be happy that I was cancelling (as if I needed one more). Now over a year ago I was a victim of the economy and laid off. I have been looking for work as required by unemployment. I have received collection calls from your company in the past and they have been kind to my situation. Today a person from Nelson Watson and Associates called me at about 3:20 and tried to collect on this bill. I am still unemployed. Here are the basics of the phone call that I posted on my Facebook page to all 720 of my friends: Just got a collection call from Verizon Wireless. The guy asked how long I have been unemployed and I said a year. He told me I could have found a job in a year if I was "really looking". I said you know what? You are a DICK and hung up.

So far I have gotten a huge amount of support from my friends- which made me feel better after your employee insulted me during one of the hardest times of my career-I have NEVER been unemployed before. Maybe, I should apply at Verizon since you will hire any piece of shit out there! Nah, you guys are the bottom of the barrel obviously! I hope your cell phone services go the bankrupt way of your Yellow Pages.
This letter is now a part of my blog too…more people need to know that you will use ANY technique to collect money. Should I keep an eye out for Vinnie, Louie and Guido as well?


I was told that my blog isn't whiny but its about to get BITCHY!

Just got a collection call from Verizon Wireless. The guy asked how long I have been unemployed and I said a year. He told me I could have found a job in a year if I was "really looking". I said you know what? You are a DICK and hung up.

I wish I said, well obviously anyone could get a job at Verizon you douchbag! And then called him a dick. That would have made me feel better.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Have a Bitchen Summer

I used to write a newsletter when I was an activities director for about 1600 apartments. I channeled Julie on the Love Boat. I found one tonight when looking for my college transcripts- so I’m sharing it you. Lucky.

This was from the summer of 1999-

On the last day of sixth grade my son Joey (who just finished a tortuous year in middle school as a “sixlet”) brought home his first yearbook. Oh the memories! I rushed to get mine out. I found two from different high schools, Vines High School in Plano TX and the other from El Modena in Orange Ca. There were 3 cliques in Texas and luckily I fit just a tiny bit into each of them. So I wasn’t a complete outcast there. In California you were either popular or not popular. I wasn’t.
I started reading in my yearbook and I couldn’t put it down. Some of the posts I can’t share with you but here is sampling of some.
From Greg, “It was great having you in driver’s ed, even though you almost killed us”.
From Scott, “It was fun flying. Let’s take a trip to Jamaica”.
“Peggy, don’t worry, I promise not to beat you up if that’s what u think. I don’t fight as often u think. It’s too bad we didn’t get to be friends sooner!-Friends to be C.C. (with friends like this I didn’t need any enemies!)
“Hi, It’s me. Remember me when I am up there-because I will remember you and we can go backstage. And party with Rush, Van Halen and Tom Petty when I am opening with them OK? I’m really glad I met you-Love Carol “Leed guitar”. Hey Carol, I’m still waiting on those backstage passes.
One guy wrote the all the lyrics to Billy Joel’s “always a woman”…thanks Jon Mendola!
Pegi, Hey pretty lady! Hope you are having a great time in Laguna Hills! Please give me a call! “I miss your smile” we got some things to talk about anywho!
Rick AKA “Ricky Racer”
My son has come a long way from the day he graduated from kindergarten when he walked the red paper trail and got a hug from his teacher that turned him into a first grader. He is almost as tall as me and some of the entries in his yearbook I can’t share with you.
Stay Sweet! And have a bitchen summer all! Pegi

I have found so many of these friends this year on Facebook, Except for Carol “Leed Guitar” Watson. She passed away this summer. I hope she is rocking off heaven’s doors. Save me that backstage pass baby!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Payback is a Biznatch

My Nephew Rob, defriended me today on Facebook. He is pissed because I borrowed his Joe Montana ornament from his Christmas tree. He wasn’t thinking when he decorated his tree…totally within my reach. Really, this is payback for the Christmas of 1999 when he STOLE my Troy Aikman ornament from my rearview mirror and proceeded to dress Troy in a Tutu. I wanted him back but Rob said he burned him up (He is a pyro )
Joe has been having a blast at my house. He has lots of Cowboys and Zombies that are playing with him. He is only crying a little. awww….I take that back. That had to have hurt. Oh no Joe…come here…I’ll help you find your other eye.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

"Under certain circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer." - Mark Twain

I hope I didn’t frighten any one away because of my language, because we are going to have a blast here on my Blog.
5 followers already! I’m going Viral! I only said that because whenever I say “viral” it pisses the hell out of my pretentious college student, Joey. “Eww Don’t ever say that again that again Mom, you don’t even know what viral means!” Viral Viral Viral! Take that Joe.
We have so much to cover, so I am going to give you a little preview of what we will be talking about here.
We will go over my first year of Funemployment which included lots of laughter with the sisters and family which included drinking vodka around a bonfire with the family and Ace the goat. We stalked Blake Shelton because he is from Ada OK like us. We (I) became Biggest Loser stalkers because my cousin Darci’s husband Danny, was a contestant and won the Biggest Loser! Also my move from Orange County to Folsom in February without a job lined up.

Then there is Facebook. My best friend with all my best friends on it! I will be featuring some of my fabulous unique friends on here (some that defriended me or vice versa). My fellow Howard Stern Slack Packers and my friends from A Heartbreaking Choice will also be covered as well as my friends from high school that I have found.

I may even delve into my childhood, and share with you how my brother fed me play dough crackers and tried to drown me in the blow up pool. Then there was that time when I was in 4th grade that I got my hand stuck in a tampon machine in the Sears bathroom. Another time, my niece and I got into a fight camping at Butterfield Country and gave each other bald spots from pulling hair. This was over a guppy. Before you say anything-Martie, my niece is only 2 weeks younger than me and about a hundred times more athletic and stronger. She could beat the shit out of me.

Overall, I am really a happy person and I knew I made the right move to Folsom when I was recovering from Hernia Surgery and I was surrounded by my family- laughing like we always do when we are together- and my brother in law “John the Father” said “don’t laugh so hard you might break your stitches” and then my sister Barb said “and then you’d blow around the room backwards”. I was Home.

Now all I need to do is find a job that pays a white man’s wage. God.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Looks Like I Picked the Wrong Day to Quit Saying "Fuck"

That was my New Year’s resolution-not to say fuck-especially on Facebook. It is January 9, 2010. Whatever.
I was optimistic about the New Year-finally someone wanted to interview me! In a field that I have TONS of experience in even! I bought this really cute suit and put my hair in a fucking bun like my sister told me to (she said I need “serious” hair). The interview went great, I thought. I looked good -except for my slight limp from my broken toe that I stuffed in high heeled boots.
“I’ll call you and set up a meeting with the manager!” the hiring lady, Mayra said “probably Friday!”
I felt good. Optimistic. 2010 bring it on! I have been on unemployment for over a year now. I am ready to take on the world and go back to work!
4:00 Friday I get the email-not the call! LIAR!
I am traveling but wanted to get a message out to you as soon as possible.
We have carefully reviewed your candidacy and decided to pursue other candidates.

Again, thank you for your interest in our organization. We wish you the best in your job search and with all your future endeavors.


What’s next? Back to College and I am going to write this Blog. I want to get enough followers so that Monster and Careerbuilder will advertise on my page. Maybe I shouldn’t say fuck after all? Fuck that.