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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Have a Bitchen Summer

I used to write a newsletter when I was an activities director for about 1600 apartments. I channeled Julie on the Love Boat. I found one tonight when looking for my college transcripts- so I’m sharing it you. Lucky.

This was from the summer of 1999-

On the last day of sixth grade my son Joey (who just finished a tortuous year in middle school as a “sixlet”) brought home his first yearbook. Oh the memories! I rushed to get mine out. I found two from different high schools, Vines High School in Plano TX and the other from El Modena in Orange Ca. There were 3 cliques in Texas and luckily I fit just a tiny bit into each of them. So I wasn’t a complete outcast there. In California you were either popular or not popular. I wasn’t.
I started reading in my yearbook and I couldn’t put it down. Some of the posts I can’t share with you but here is sampling of some.
From Greg, “It was great having you in driver’s ed, even though you almost killed us”.
From Scott, “It was fun flying. Let’s take a trip to Jamaica”.
“Peggy, don’t worry, I promise not to beat you up if that’s what u think. I don’t fight as often u think. It’s too bad we didn’t get to be friends sooner!-Friends to be C.C. (with friends like this I didn’t need any enemies!)
“Hi, It’s me. Remember me when I am up there-because I will remember you and we can go backstage. And party with Rush, Van Halen and Tom Petty when I am opening with them OK? I’m really glad I met you-Love Carol “Leed guitar”. Hey Carol, I’m still waiting on those backstage passes.
One guy wrote the all the lyrics to Billy Joel’s “always a woman”…thanks Jon Mendola!
Pegi, Hey pretty lady! Hope you are having a great time in Laguna Hills! Please give me a call! “I miss your smile” we got some things to talk about anywho!
Rick AKA “Ricky Racer”
My son has come a long way from the day he graduated from kindergarten when he walked the red paper trail and got a hug from his teacher that turned him into a first grader. He is almost as tall as me and some of the entries in his yearbook I can’t share with you.
Stay Sweet! And have a bitchen summer all! Pegi

I have found so many of these friends this year on Facebook, Except for Carol “Leed Guitar” Watson. She passed away this summer. I hope she is rocking off heaven’s doors. Save me that backstage pass baby!

1 comment:

  1. ...AND I just heard that the "almost as tall as you Middle schooler" just found out he made straight A's in college this last semester. Now he's off to make another passel of A's!
    Go, Go, Go, Joe!
    You are a good writer!