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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Looks Like I Picked the Wrong Day to Quit Saying "Fuck"

That was my New Year’s resolution-not to say fuck-especially on Facebook. It is January 9, 2010. Whatever.
I was optimistic about the New Year-finally someone wanted to interview me! In a field that I have TONS of experience in even! I bought this really cute suit and put my hair in a fucking bun like my sister told me to (she said I need “serious” hair). The interview went great, I thought. I looked good -except for my slight limp from my broken toe that I stuffed in high heeled boots.
“I’ll call you and set up a meeting with the manager!” the hiring lady, Mayra said “probably Friday!”
I felt good. Optimistic. 2010 bring it on! I have been on unemployment for over a year now. I am ready to take on the world and go back to work!
4:00 Friday I get the email-not the call! LIAR!
I am traveling but wanted to get a message out to you as soon as possible.
We have carefully reviewed your candidacy and decided to pursue other candidates.

Again, thank you for your interest in our organization. We wish you the best in your job search and with all your future endeavors.


What’s next? Back to College and I am going to write this Blog. I want to get enough followers so that Monster and Careerbuilder will advertise on my page. Maybe I shouldn’t say fuck after all? Fuck that.

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