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Friday, May 21, 2010

A frog walked into a bar, the other frog ducked.

As I was getting ready for bed, I noticed something moving on the floor of the shower. IT WAS A FUCKING FROG!!!!! I know, I know, I live next to wetlands, but still a frog in my house…no way I could sleep even though I had already taking an Ambien.
Now this wasn’t one of those really ugly warty giant frogs…this was a tadpole that had just gotten legs (still creepy). I put a cup over the thing and ran to get someone else in the house to deal with it. Yea right…that just got me cussed out.
I decided that I wanted Tanner to see him so I went to the kitchen and got a Tupperware container, put some water in it, and went to try to catch the little fucker. He kept hopping out of the container which made me scream a few times. I finally caught him, poked a few holes in the top and went to bed.
I saved the frog until Tanner got home from school and after convincing Tanner that we WERE NOT keeping it, we let it go in the back yard. He even stopped and posed for a few pics before hopping under the deck.
He really was a cute frog.
Then Joey asked if we had noticed the lizard or frog that has been dead in the front doorway…UMMMMMMMMM NOOOOOO I haven’t. “It’s been there for months” he said.
It was true there was tiny frog squished in the doorway…after being sad for a few seconds, I got the giggles.
I know, I am going to burn.