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Friday, October 1, 2010

How I met the Poorman

I found the article that I submited to "The Lariat", when I was 17 and had decided that I did not want to go to High School due to the fact that my parents MOVED me friggen anywhere during my JR/SR school years! Honestly if you went though this, I have HUGE respect for you, especially if you did not turn out to be a serial killer. I learned of a test that would keep me out of high school until I was 22 (based on the transfer system, switching from California credits-to Texas Credits-back to Cali Credits-not mentioning the next cali move in the JR year....)
If I passed this test I could just move on to college...yea I was 16 but who cares....
OK whadaya know I passed...I took College least they treated me like an adult -which I was at 16-dealing with all the crap I had gone through...I wast an emotional adult but I had no mom was bedridden from illness I had to move on.
I latched on to a journalism major: Larry Knuth was my hero...he offered me an intern position to help me get by Larry Knuth was my professor. He let me explore all about the entertainment world.

I met "The Poorman" and this is what I wrote....

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